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SafeLife™ - 8 Months Without Fleas or Ticks

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SafeLife™ - 8 Months Without Fleas or Ticks
We believe our clients are our most important asset. That’s why we offer you a limited number of our SafeLife™ for FREE. 😱 We know that if our customers like our products, they will recommend it to their friends and this will be the best advertising we will ever get. (Pay only for shipping)


The safest and easiest way to protect your dog ! 

Sooner or later, all pets have problems with ticks or fleas.

This is way we offer you SafeLife™ !

SafeLife™ was designed to protect your pet from dangerous diseases.
It makes prevention much easier, healthier and more effective!


Eliminate dangerous fleas and ticks without chemicals

A single tick can lay an average of 3,000 eggs in a day.

It can therefore cause serious damage to the health of your four-legged friend. The greatest danger is not the bite, but the diseases that the insect transmits.

With the SafeLife™ anti flea and tick collar, you no longer have to worry about these problems once and for all.

The most effective way to eliminate ticks naturally

This collar makes your furry companion unattractive to parasites of all kinds, it also protects you from potentially dangerous diseases that can be transmitted.

Unlike other tick and chip removal methods, SafeLife™ does not use chemical pesticides or other harmful agents.

Complete protection for all sizes

With the SafeLife™ collar, you and your beloved four-legged friend don't have to neglect your favorite activities.

Our collar is weather resistant and water repellent, so it's also designed for puppies who like to play in the mud or swim in rivers.

The collars are designed so that you can cut them at any time to get the right size for your four-legged friend.

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Our satisfaction guarantees:

  • We offer a 14 day risk free guarantee.
  • If you have not had a positive experience, please contact us so we can address any concerns you may have and leave you completely satisfied and smiling.
  • Every order includes a package tracking.
  • We use secure SSL encryption to ensure complete 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

Hello, we have had the collar for only 3 days but I can already say that the ticks don't even go to Sammy anymore.we had previously unfortunately resorted to chemicals from the vet.since we had always brought them home.they then slipped over time into the fur so that we had to remove the we are very reassured and satisfied and are now watching to see if it is really so many months stop as promised.


We bought the tick collar for our dog because he was always scratching himself after tick bites. When choosing the tick collar, it was important to us that it was 100% chemical free, as we had already bought a collar last year that our dog did not tolerate. The collar arrived the day after we ordered it. The smell is very pleasant (like citrus) and not penetrating. After wearing it for a week, our dog had no more ticks! Previously, there were always at least four (or more) that he would pick up. He also scratched much less. This is why we are convinced of the effectiveness of this collar (especially since it is effective for 8 months). For this reason, a clear recommendation to buy!


First purchased in May 2022 because my dog had the worst infection of his life from a stupid tick. Before that, I tried many collars without success. From May until now (+despite tick season), we haven't had a single incident. I let him wear the collar until September (for about 5 months) and bought a new one. It wasn't necessary in the winter, but ticks can survive in almost any temperature.


After two weeks of walking with the new collar, I can say that it is very comfortable for the dog and after a few walks in the forest, no ticks have bitten! The collar has a very pleasant smell and, compared to other tick collars, it does not have an annoying odor. It does not need to be tightened on the neck for the coat to accept the active ingredient! Great! The collar is especially great for dogs of all sizes, as you can easily adjust it if needed. It can definitely be used for very large dogs or wide necks, but it can also be modified to be discreet on very small dogs. Highly recommended.


My little one put it on with pleasure. She likes to play on the field again. She can also sleep more peacefully because something was always bothering her. No ticks so far.

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